For the past years we have focused on creating a post-demographic human-centered view on people. We have come with this set of Behavioral Trends to group and cluster human beliefs, behaviors, insights and needstates. Therefore, you can focus on these different groups to create value for them.

For each of these groups we have created a Trend Card. Using a gamification approach, each Trend Card is used as an immersion tool for these human clusters: each one is full of insights and needstates that can be read out loud to establish an empathic connection with the person behind the trend.

Each Trend Card works as a key to open tons of contents, examples & signs so you can take a deep dive into each behavior. Discover manifestations of the trends, how people are living them, and what brands are taking advantage of them to create value for their markets.

Created in 2015 as an urgent need for our own methodologies, and pivoted several times through the years, many clients of all sizes have since been using these Trend Cards for inspiration and empathy during their innovation, marketing & value creation processes.

You can use your trend cards for:

  • Empathy. Get into the shoes of people out there. Change the perspective of your innovation and creative questions. Instead of being a brand who asks itself what to do, play the role of a human behavior and ask the brand instead: what can you do for me?.
  • Innovation & Value Creation. Value is a subjective unit of measurement people assign to things based on the satisfaction of their own needs. Ergo, knowing the needstates that come with each behavior, you’ll find new ways and moments to add value through new ideas, products, services, channels, or business models.
  • Desirability. People is complex and can share many behaviors at the same time, depending on each moment and context. Each one comes with its own set of variables and values to make decisions. Take your ideas to the next level by creating a wider value spectrum. Shift your value to other arenas and create Unique Value Propositions.
  • A Post-Demographic View. No more arbitrary customers segmentations based on age, income and gender. At the end, all that information says nothing about people’s beliefs, insights and motivations. Demographics are dead. Welcome to the era of transversal insights.

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