The rise of Airbnb and other local apartment rental options has shifted the way we think about our travel accommodations. However, a key component that seems to be missing when we enter these hyper-local places to stay, is the range of amenities that hotels offer that local apartments don’t: room service, daily cleaning, concierge services, you name it. When you decide to take up an apartment, it’s your duty to keep it in the state you received it, and when you’re an urban nomad, you don’t really have time for chores. BeMate matches guests, apartments and hotels to provide the best of both worlds: a cozy, local, homey environment with the five-star services of hotels, filling the missing gap in 21st-century accommodation. In addition, BeMate offers free citywide Wi-Fi connectivity for its guests using WiMate technology, which has earned them the Worldwide Hospitality Awards, rounding out each guest’s experience.

The Reign of the Urban Nomads - Bemate

Behavioral Trend: The Reign of the Urban Nomads

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